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Limited Software Support Model


Please read and agree to the following product support conditions before continuing with your download...

Support Introduction

One Vision Applications is a very small internet based EPOS software development company. We primarily supply our EPOS software to system builders and resellers who install and support the product on their retail EPOS systems. If you are a customer of one of these resellers you should always contact them first for all support queries.

We do however have a second supply channel. A direct software download is available to the general public via our website and licences can be purchased directly from us. Customers who choose to download the software and install it onto their own hardware must however be aware of the following support constraints.

1. Due to very limited man power, we offer no telephone support service. We can arrange telephone support sessions if needed (subject to staff availability) however our primary contact method is always via email. Please use the email address for all enquiries.

2. We ONLY support problems relating directly to our EPOS software. We cannot fix general PC related issues such as hard drive crashes, memory issues and Windows configuration problems. It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that the PC hardware chosen to run the EPOS system is of good quality and that the underlying operating system and installed applications are stable.

3. It is the responsibility of the end user to fully understand the operation of the attached EPOS hardware and the associated software drivers (specifically OPOS drivers). We provide comprehensive setup guides on our website to cover all supported receipt printers, cash drawers and customer displays. If you are struggling to get your EPOS hardware working we will gladly assist you where possible however we need to stress that One Vision Applications is an EPOS software supplier and NOT an EPOS systems supplier. We are in no way responsible for fixing hardware or driver configuration issues.

4. It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that their EPOS data is backed up at regular intervals. The software offers an automated method of backing up your critical data (see General Settings > Backup tab).


Is EPOS-Excel for me?

EPOS-Excel is geared towards those people who need a small, basic retail EPOS system on a budget. If you are downloading the software yourself to use on your own hardware, you need a good understanding of computers and the Windows operating system in general. You will need to manage the installation of the software and associated POS hardware and drivers yourself (using the guides provided on our website).

If you feel like you don't have the required skills outlined above then you really need to look at an alternative EPOS solution. There are numerous companies offering fully managed EPOS solutions. These companies will be able to supply you a complete EPOS system with all the required hardware and additional support that you require. Some also offer on-site setup and emergency call-out services.


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